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Call For Applications for Documentary Filmmakers and Investigative Journalists

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Finance & Funding 25th Oct 2017 Rosa Luxemburg Stiftug

The  African offices have launched the call for applications for their new project  "10 views on migration.” The project will help in the creation, production or continuation of 10 short documentaries. 

Migration is generally one of the major topics for the RLS and especially for all its African offices, as the Africa department offices operate in countries which are amongst the 10 nations holding the highest number of refugees. The following call is for the creation, production or continuation of 10 short documentaries, this call is open for all African filmmakers.

Migrants and refugees’ images in the media and public sphere are not always balanced nor fair. Media often stereotypes migrants and refugees and negatively represent them, which leads to a rise in racism and hate speech against migrants by right-wing politicians in Europe and elsewhere; and to a marginalization of migrants and refugees issues in the host and transit countries.

Through “10 Views on Migration” project, RLS African offices aim to create an alternative point of view on migration and refugees, beyond stereotypes. We believe in the power of film, to inform and attract audiences to understand the diverse realities of immigrants’ and refugees’ lives. Artistic documentary films on migration related issues can initiate interesting debates on this important issue. The produced films will be utilized as tools to stir debates in Africa and Europe.
We would like to receive film projects that address any of the following topics: How do the migrants (economic migrants, refugees, internally displaced) live in different countries in Africa? What type of peril and prejudice do they face in their journey to and in host African countries? Do they face racism?

How are African migrants received in other African countries? Are African political actors engaging with migration or is the question totally ignored? What role are progressive actors playing with regards to the migration question? What shifts to identity take place in the migratory process? How are borders perceived by migrants and refugees?
Focusing on ten stories (films), our goal is to tell the stories of immigration on our continent. This project hence aims to give a “southern narrative” on the migrant and refugee question.
Please send the application as detailed below* to : handous@rosalux.org, before the 30th of November 2017 by midnight GMT.

*Application structure ( I to VI)

Part I: Project description
Original Title :

Part II: Intention
Statement of intent:

Part III:  Artistic treatment
Visual and sound treatment of the documentary

Part IV: Filmmaker
Last name:
First Name:
Country of birth:

Part V: Previous Work  
Link to previous works:
Link to progress if project already started:

Part VI: Budget
Detailed Budget and Planning

Step Development Production Post production

Please note the following:

*The Project can be submitted in English, French and Arabic
** Each part of the application (from I To VI) has to be presented in a separate word document.
*** The Budget can be submitted in separate Excel Sheet

Read the full article at Rosa Luxemburg Stiftug

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