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Think Outside the Box With These Five Resourceful Screenwriting Career Moves

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Screenwriting 22nd Nov 2017 Moviemaker

What if we told you that there are more ways for screenwriters to get noticed than through normal submission processes via email, through representation, and from high placements in screenwriting contests, competitions, and fellowships?

While those are solid portals into the industry, there are many other ways that screenwriters continue to break through—leading to big breaks and successful careers. In order to find those creative ways, you have to push your thinking up to and beyond its limit. You have to truly think out of the box.

Here are five ways to enhance your out-of-the-box thinking as it applies to your hopes and dreams of a successful screenwriting career.

1. Use Your Screenplay as a Book Proposal

Hollywood and the publishing industry have been more intertwined than they ever have been. Publishing houses look for projects that will also bring in Hollywood adaptation money and book publicity. Hollywood goes to the literary best seller lists and beyond to find their next big movies to produce.

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