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The Writer’s Quick and Easy Guide to Online Pitching

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Screenwriting 22nd Nov 2017 Screencraft

What is the most simple and easy way to pitch something to representation, executives, publishers, and production companies through email? We’re about to offer you the most uncomplicated, undemanding, and effortless way to do just that.

You can certainly utilize networking through your direct contact list, but for most writers, that’s not an option because they aren’t embedded in the industry yet. Until they are, email is the only way in. And you’d be surprised how effective a query email can be.

So here we offer your very own quick and easy guide to pitching your screenplay, pilot, book, or indie film online. Inspired by first hand success and Callie Oettinger’s How to Pitch.

Start with a Thank You

It’s not often that industry insiders hear a thank you in their daily email correspondence. They are usually bombarded by demands and requests.

When you start with thanking them for something, you immediately stand out.

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