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The 9 Ways to Finance an Independent Film

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Finance & Funding 4th Dec 2017 Guerrilla Rep Media

A lot of Filmmakers are only concerned with finding investors for their projects. While films require money to be made well, there’s are better ways to find that money than convincing a rich person to part with a few hundred thousand dollars. Even if you are able to get an angel investor (or a few ) on board, it’s often not in your best interest to raise your budget solely from private equity, as the more you raise the less likely it is you’ll ever see money from the back end of your project.
​So here’s a very top level guide to how you may want to structure your financial mix. The mixes in the image above loosely correspond to the financial mix of a first time film, a tested filmmaker’s film, and a documentary. They’re also a loose guideline, and by no means apply to every situation.  This piece originally appeared on my medium, but I'm moving those posts over here in an effore to consoidate my presence.

Piece 1 — Skin in the game. 10–20%

Investors want you to be risking something other than your time. The theory is that tt makes you more likely to be responsible with their money. This can be from friends and family, but they prefer it comes from your pocket. However, if you’ve got a mountain of student debt and no rich relatives, then there is another way…
Piece 2 — Crowdfunding 10–20%

I know filmmakers don’t like hearing that they’ll need to crowdfund. I understand, it’s not an easy thing to do. It’s a full time job during the campaign if you want to do it successfully. However if you can, you’ll be able to put some skin the game, and get to retain more creative control and more of the back end. Due to the difficulty in finding money for film, the skin in the game for a director’s first project is often much higher than it is in other instances.
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