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Horoscopes: What Actors Can Expect in December 2017

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Acting 5th Dec 2017 backstage

The big news, as you might have felt the past couple weeks, is that Mercury is going retrograde (Dec. 3) in Sagittarius. This is surely a wonky time for the communication and commerce planet to go haywire in the most consumeristic time of the year, but we theoretically will have less professional commitments with the attendant time off. Take it as a sign to build in some rest and reflection into the holiday chaos.

And there will be chaos although it could be fun, in a Grizwald-y, sort-of-way. With Mercury in blunt Sag, the retrograde challenges and mishaps may have to do with overzealous tongues not to mention coordinating long-term travel. Stay flexible and make sure you mean what you say—we may all be feeling a little fiery this month with the Sun, Mercury and now Venus in this delightfully foolish and expansive sign.

Truth has been contagious lately and the trend will continue this month, perhaps until the Sun enters stately Capricorn toward month’s end and our attention is drawn less to the whodunnits and more to the “what are we gonna do about it.” Again, Jupiter is in Scorpio through next year shining a light in the darkness of our personal and collective psyches so while this can bring up our demons, it can also help us heal and reclaim authentic power that’s not rooted in fear and shame. Like Nietzsche said “be careful in casting out your devil ‘lest you cast out the best thing about you.” Knock off the BS, but keep the passion? And no means no. Happy holidays!!!

Read for your Sun and Rising Sign if you’re a believer!

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