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Sony Announces New CFast 2.0 Memory Cards

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Technical 5th Dec 2017 Indie Shooter

Sony is launching a range of high performance CFast memory cards ideal for photographers and videographers.

The G Series CFast 2.0 memory cards will be available in 32GB (CAT-G32), 64GB (CAT-G64) and 128GB (CAT-G128) capacities, responding to the ever increasing capabilities of high-end DSLR and 4K cinema-grade broadcast cameras.

The cards offer lightning-fast write speeds of up to 510MB/s and read speeds of up to 530MB/s and join an established range of media that includes Professional internal SSDs, XQD and SxS cards, as well as the world’s fastest SD card, while strengthening Sony’s position as a leader in professional memory solutions.

The new and improved features include.

  • Step up to industry-leading write speeds
  • Super-fast read speed for ultra-effective workflow
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Sony, CFast Memory Cards

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