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Watcha - Be Your Own Creator Business with as little as Your Cell Phone

[ Advertise your business on Media Source Africa ]

Distribution 5th Dec 2017 Media Source Africa

Do you want to make money in the film industry? Do you want to be your own film business? Do you want to create content and have a platform to distribute it where you have the flexibility to charge what you feel it is worth? Do you want to make money, for yourself, TODAY, using equipment as simple as your cell phone?

We need content creators like you to join us in creating and distributing videos that you know people will pay for.

The Watcha Streaming App is the first online video distribution platform available on Android and IOS that lets you share live and pre-recoded video and lets YOU decide what to charge for it. You can easily have your own channel on Watcha and build up your subscriber base starting today. As a content creator, you can share anything from films you have made to local and school sports events to practical tutorials and religious services - the possibilities are endless.

Watcha users can enjoy easy access to your high-quality videos wherever they are in the world from their smartphone or tablet. Never again missing a once in a lifetime music festival or special event. Viewers will be able to pay for and watch your content, anytime, anywhere! Watcha is the new standard of media - broadcasting a world of content at the tip of your fingers.

Interested? We knew you would be… visit Watcha now to become a content creator, it will cost you nothing to join and you can start your business today!

Website: http://www.watcha.biz/

Q&A with Anthony about Watcha: https://youtu.be/758GYX1pdzk





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