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How to Sell Your Screenplay in the Opening Pages

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Screenwriting 6th Dec 2017 Screencraft

How do you capture the attention and enthusiasm of the producer, development executive, manager, agent, or script reader from page one? That’s usually what it takes to get your script the recognition it needs to move up the ladder. Amazing opening scenes or sequences sell the tone, atmosphere, genre, and concept of the screenplay. If you’ve done your job in that respect, readers immediately know what type of ride they are in for.

No great opening sequence can save an otherwise bad script mind you, but it’s the opening that flips a switch within the reader’s mind — a switch that either says “Wow, this is cool, interesting, or compelling” or “Yeah, I’m bored.”

Yes, there are great scripts that offer slow burn openings that focus on setting up certain tones, themes, and atmospheres, but you also need to have those screenplays that jump off of the page in those opening moments. You need those types of scripts in your arsenal.

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