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Apply for the Durban Film Office Development Fund Programme 2017/2018

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Finance & Funding 7th Dec 2017 Durban Film Office

The Durban Film Office Development Fund Programme aims to support intermediate and experienced producers based in Durban who need to develop feature fiction or documentary projects for the local and / or international market. The programme will provide grant funding for two Durban film projects per annum, to a maximum of R250, 000.00 per project towards the development of the project.

Development Funding Defined

The Durban Film Office defines development support as funds needed to invest in the development of a project to suitably package the project for presenting to investors and ensure the project is capable of attracting production financing.

Development funding may be required for various activities to achieve this objective. The Durban Film Office Development Fund will consider funding the following costs:

Writer's fees

Script editors.

Research fees

Payments to acquire and option rights to adapt works for the screen

Producer's fees and reasonable overhead costs of the producer  Reasonable legal costs.

Script readings with cast.

Developing a presentation package for potential partners.

Developing budgets and / or schedules.

Training courses to aid project development

Eligibility Criteria

The project must be capable of being developed as a feature-length fictional (minimum 90 minutes) or documentary film (minimum 60 minutes).

The applicant must be a Durban based production company.

A project with a minimum total production budget of R2.5 million.

At least 50% of the team falls within the definition of being historically disadvantaged individuals as defined in the constitution of South Africa.

CV/company profile which demonstrates proven industry experience as a writer, director or producer.

A producer with at least one completed comparative project.

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