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Applications now open for the Sundance Documentary Creative Producing Fellowship and Lab

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Opportunities 8th Dec 2017 Sundance

The Sundance Institute will choose five emerging producers with projects in production or post-production to attend the Creative Producing Lab and be part of a yearlong mentorship program. From Sundance:

Application Applications will be open from October 30, 2017 - February 6, 2018.

Lab: July 30 - Aug 2, 2018
Summit: Aug 3-5, 2018
Festival: Jan 17 - Jan 27, 2019

Size of Fellowship 5 projects
Location Sundance Resort and Park City, Utah
  • Candidates must have produced at least one short or feature-length narrative or documentary film, but no more than two narrative features total as lead creative producer. This does not include co, associate, or executive producer credits.
  • Candidates must have a completed, legally-optioned, scripted, narrative project in hand with a director attached to the project
  • Candidates may not be the writer or director of submitted project.
  • Candidates must live in the United States, though the project may be filmed internationally.
Description A year-long program designed to nurture emerging producers with project-specific support through the Creative Producing Lab, Creative Producing Summit, Sundance Film Festival attendance, $10,000 grant support, year-round mentorship from one industry mentor, and ongoing support from Sundance Institute Staff. The Program is designed to hone emerging producers’ creative instincts and evolve their communicating and problem-solving skills at all stages of their next feature film project.
Giving Back Should you be selected to participate in the Creative Producing Fellowship, you will be asked to continue the spirit of giving back. Since securing funding for the Institute's programs is a consistent challenge, we request that Lab Alumni whose projects are produced, contribute to the Institute's work to support new generations of emerging filmmakers. Projects supported by the Creative Producing Fellowship are asked to contribute 0.25% of their production budget calculated after the first $1 million (e.g. if your film is produced for $1.2 million, the fee due to the Institute would be $500). Additionally, Lab Alumni are asked to recognize the Fellowship with the credit, "Developed with the assistance of the Sundance Institute Feature Film Creative Producing Fellowship." Any revenue that is designated to Sundance Institute is allocated to the Feature Film Program and is used on an annual basis to provide critical support for the Labs. Your ability to give back really makes a difference.


Read the full article at Sundance

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