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The 2018 Orb Media China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship is open for international applications!

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Opportunities 12th Dec 2017 Screencraft

Win $13,000 + travel to China for cross-cultural mentorship!

This is the first cross-cultural screenwriting mentorship program to develop writers in both English and Chinese languages. Screenwriters worldwide are encouraged to submit original feature film screenplays in English or Chinese promptly for consideration by the final application deadline on January 31st, 2018.

Orb Media Group will select two (2) winners who will each be offered an option fee, one of which will be at least WGA minimum (up to $13,374) against a six-figure purchase price at WGA scale contingent on production (up to $133,739 each, depending on the final budget of each film). Orb Media Group and its partners will financially back and develop the projects for production and distribution with partners in China and the United States.

Orb Media will also provide the winners with round-trip travel to the Shanghai International Film Festival in June 2018 to participate in special training and mentorship programs in partnership with the Shanghai Film School.


Why China-Hollywood?

China has the world’s largest population and the demand for high-quality films is growing dramatically. Hollywood is the heart of the world’s entertainment industry and has been creating and exporting American cinema to the entire world for almost a century. This contest seeks to bridge cultures and identify worthy screenplays (in English or Chinese) that are uniquely appealing to both Chinese audiences and English-speaking audiences worldwide.

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