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Film Finance Basics

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Finance & Funding 12th Dec 2017 Raindance Film Festival

Feature film finance anyone? Have you an idea for a movie? Have you got a fantastic script? Are you awaiting a pile of cash so you can make it?

I got this email from a member of Raindance:

If a U.S. filmmaker was seeking out of U.S. financing – 1. What sources specifically would you recommend pursuing – and advise staying away from – particularly for a low budget film (under US$1m) 2. What would boost the filmmaker’s chance of securing that funding?


Here’s what I wrote while sitting in the coffee shop at La Guardia airport awaiting a snow delayed flight to Montreal:


Any filmmaker seeking funding needs a producer. And seeking funding abroad means finding a producer from another territory ie a co-producer. A European producer should be aware of local and regional film funds and also know how local tax incentives work for local taxpayer willing to invest into a project regardless of the nationality of the film or filmmaker. A great place to meet such producers is the Cinemart in Rotterdam, Berlinale and of course Cannes.


The second part of the question takes a bit more effort. What makes a film financable, regardless of it’s budget? Here are five key elements:

Read the full article at Raindance Film Festival

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