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The 7 Main IndieFilm Deal Points

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Distribution 14th Dec 2017 Guerrilla Rep Media

A lot of people are afraid of the complexity of deals with sales agencies. They have a reputation as being very dense, and difficult to understand. While there is truth to this, there’s also a general layout every filmmaker should understand. Many of the pitfalls for distribution can be avoided by knowing these 7 major deal points. That said, you should always have a lawyer or a producer’s rep look over your contract.
This list is not meant to be complete, but it does cover the most important aspects of the deal.
1. Term
This is not really different all that different from the standard legal definition of the term, it’s simply how long the contract will remain in place.

For film, a good term is anywhere between 3 and 7 years. The sales agent will generally be able to sell the film to third parties [i.e Buyers] for terms that extend beyond the contract with the filmmaker.
2. Territory
The territories are where the sales agents have the right to sell your film. These rights can be both exclusive and non-exclusive, but if you’re selling to a sales agent without the help of a representative or a lawyer, you’ll likely be selling them all rights.
Generally, territories are broken out by both region and country. For example, Germany would be considered a territory in the Western Europe Region. This can get confusing, in that Latin America is both a territory and a region. The Region also contains Mexico, brazil, and a few others.

3. Languages

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