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Free online course: Script Writing Mastery

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Screenwriting 15th Dec 2017 PowToon


In this course we will take you through all the various stages of the script writing process, thus allowing you to follow a clearly laid out formula that will serve as a reference the next time you find yourself in the position of drafting a script. We will also provide access to wonderful, informative video examples to better illustrate exactly how these writing guidelines are implemented.

What you need before you begin:?

* Outline a clear topic for your script

* Have a well defined target audience in mind

* Choose a tone that best compliments your message

* Grab a snack or drink that enhances your creative juices so that you feel awake and alert! You’re going to need it!

When you begin the writing process, even before thinking about the structure, humor, and other fancy tricks you will use to craft your masterpiece, you need to answer the following question: “What is the purpose of my video?”

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