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Seven Pieces of Advice from an Executive Producer to a Screenwriter

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Screenwriting 11th Jan 2018 Production Next

Ben Yennie  shares some of those tips from his perspective as an executive producer. 

1.    Consider how the content will be consumed.

Media isn’t what it used to be.  More and more content is being consumed on the web or via OTT platforms.   Due to this, many of the traditional narrative structures need to be adapted to fit the changing way content is being delivered.  Every story still needs a beginning, middle, and end, but how quickly you get to each part is changing both quickly and drastically. 

Apart from considerations of length and page count, you need to consider the size of the screen the content is likely to end up on.  Bigger is not always better.  If you’re writing a web series which will probably be delivered on mobile, you should shy away from sweeping landscapes.  They’re expensive and lose their impact on a mobile device.  

Instead, consider something that may be more at home on a mobile device, being watched on the bus while the viewer heads into work.  

    2.    Understand the audience you’re writing about.

It’s always been important to write about things you understand, however, in the age of the internet, it’s even more important than it has been in the past.  The internet gives viewers the power to share content, which can greatly help increase the visibility of your content.  If your content is good, it will get a reputation for being so.  If it’s not, it will get a reputation for being not good or inauthentic very quickly.  

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