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DJI adds new handheld camera and smartphone stabilisers

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Technical 12th Jan 2018 RedShark News

DJI has introduced two new handheld camera stabilisers: The Ronin-S has been built for DSLR and mirrorless camera systems, while the Osmo Mobile 2 is targeting smartphone users.

The Ronin-S is DJI’s first single-handed stabiliser for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. It joins the offerings of Ikan, Filmpower, ZhiYun and others. The Ronin-S is available in two frame sizes for either camera type, has three-axis gimbal technology and a framework that elevates camera payload above the roll axis. This avoids the obstruction of the camera's built-in display, keeping it always in your line of sight. The design also frees the Ronin-S from unwanted shake as you shift from underslung to an upright position.

The Ronin-S was designed for easy setup and use. For example, there’s a push mode to adjust the pan and tilt axis by hand while the Ronin-S is powered on and axis locks speed up the setup process. SmoothTrack technology allows you to transition smoothly from motion to camera angle. Dedicated control buttons for the camera and gimbal let you toggle between the two customisable SmoothTrack parameter groups. A new Sport mode allows for fast movements with tight and quick subject following speed.

The DJI Ronin mobile app lets you create complex camera moves automatically like Panorama, Hyperlapse, Track and CamAnchor that lets you designate specific camera positions in a scene and rotate between them on demand.

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