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Virtual Reality: The Next Big Advertising Medium Is Here

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Advertising 4th Jun 2015 Forbes

Virtual reality is scarcely more than an expensive toy today, but advertisers are already salivating over thepossibilities of reaching people with commercial messages while they’re immersed in their Oculus Rift headset.

That also sounds like an excellent way for a brand to annoy potential customers. Then again, that possibility has never scared them off before. So it’s no surprise that marketers are already plotting ways to insert themselves into what Oculus owner and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has called the next great communications medium.

During a panel at the industry conference ad:tech in San Francisco Tuesday, several marketers, agencies, and publishers suggested that virtual reality–along with its cousin augmented reality, in which information and images are overlaid on the real world through smartphones or Google Glass-style devices–may be closer than we realize to be the next great advertising medium as well.

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