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Here's the Best Advice from Cinematographers at CineGear

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Technical 12th Jun 2015 Indiewire

During a panel discussion organized as part of the annual CineGear Expo held in Los Angeles on the Paramount Pictures lot over the weekend of June 6-7, a panel of 13 cinematographers, all of whom are members of the prestigious American Society of Cinematographers,  shared tips of the trade, which we, in turn, share with you below:

Use an app to calculate the position of the sun - and keep it handy.

"These days the best thing to have in your kit is a way to calculate the sun — one of these little apps that are handy, which we didn’t have [when I was coming up the ranks]. We had some cumbersome things that we used — compasses and calculators and stuff — to figure out where the sun is when you scout something and you don’t get to see it for real until you get there." 

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