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Apple's plans for Apple TV
Film & Television 16th Feb 2015

web series, Apple

Apple is talking to TV programmers about offering their content directly over the web, according to Re/code's Peter Kafka.
What does Apple News mean for SA publishers?
Media 12th Jun 2015

Apple, Publishing, media, tools

Apple introduced its latest app, Apple News on Monday 8 June 2015, in California, however it will officially launch with iOS 9 later this year.
Touch Bar MacBook Pro redefines high-end
Technical 31st Oct 2016


Microsoft might have stolen some of the innovation thunder with its impressive new Surface Studio, but, from Touch Bars to Final Cut Pro 10.3, K. Stewart finds plenty to be happy about in Apple’s latest large-scale update.
Apple Brings 'The Future of the Smart Phone' with Three New iPhones
Other 19th Sep 2017


Apple's three new iPhone models come with significant optical upgrades—and a significant price hike.