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Sony wins the DSLR war!
Technical 14th Jul 2015

Canon, Sony, DSLR

Or does it? A victory for Sony can only really be confirmed if you accept that there was a war in the first place. Canon might beg to differ.
Ten reasons to like Sony's pro video format, XAVC
Technical 17th Aug 2015

cameras, Sony, pro video format, XAVC

RedShark Summer Replay: Sony's XAVC is used across an increasing number of its professional camcorders. Why did they choose yet another format?
Sony is entering the drone game
Technical 21st Sep 2015

Drone, camera, Sony

Sony is jumping into the drone business, but its foray into the market might not be what you expect.
Sony FS5: First hands-on report
Technical 22nd Sep 2015

camera, Sony, FS5

The Sony FS5 was the star camera announcement at the IBC2015 show and RedShark were among the first to get their hands on one to test it.
Here's How to Wirelessly Control Your Sony Camera
Technical 10th Nov 2015

Sony, Wireless Control

Controlling your Sony camera with a computer, tablet, or smartphone is easier than you might think.
Sony looks to change the way cameras feel with the new PXW-X400
Technical 11th Nov 2015

cameras, Sony, PXW-X400

Sony’s newly announced PXW-X400 is not just a new XDCAM shoulder camcorder for ENG work, it’s designed to sit differently on the shoulder.