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5 Actors Tips for Networking With Filmmakers at Film Festivals
Acting 3rd Aug 2015

acting, acting tips

So how do you cast the “net” without being obvious and desperate for a catch?
3 Reasons Auditioning Is an Art in Itself
Film & Television 17th Aug 2015

acting, acting tips. auditions

Auditioning is often seen as the poor uncreative cousin to acting; a necessary evil, the thing you have to learn so that you can get the job and really act. This losing attitude is just plain wrong.
Directors Share Their Top 10 Reasons for Rejecting Actors
Acting 30th Oct 2015

acting, cast

Daily Actor spoke to directors Michael Gellman, Scotty Watson, Gary Austin and David Razowsky to uncover the most common mistakes they see actors make in auditions.
5 Reasons Every Actor Should Make a Web Series
Acting 3rd Nov 2015

web series, acting

Kit Williamson, the creator and star of "EastSiders" explains the benefits of making a web series - and how it could be just the break you need.