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The Best Camera Options for Production Company Startups
Technical 3rd Jul 2015

filmmaking tips, Filmmaker, indie tips, cameras

Are you on the cusp of launching your own production company? Looking for a camera to get started? Well, let’s check out your best options.
A Tactical 360° Ball Camera That Can Be Thrown Into Danger. The Explorer
Technical 7th Jul 2015

cameras, Explorer, Tactical 360° Ball Camera

A camera startup called Bounce Imaging has just launched the Explorer, a tactical 360° camera that looks like a black softball with lenses scattered across the surface.
Which camera?
Technical 8th Jul 2015

filmmaking tips, Filmmaker, indie tips, cameras

The camera market has been undergoing a process of constant transformation over the last few years.
GoPro has Introduced Its Tiniest Camera Yet and It's Waterproof
Technical 8th Jul 2015

GoPro, cameras, Hero4 Session

It's GoPro's first camera in nine years. And it's a game changer.
Sony A7R II First Impressions: hands on with the surprising 4K camera
Technical 16th Jul 2015

cameras, Sony A7R II

Much has been made of its 4K video capabilities and Dan Chung wanted to test for himself just what the 42 megapixel mean machine is capable of as a video camera.
4K Superzoom from Panasonic: LUMIX DMC-FZ330
Technical 21st Jul 2015

cameras, 4K Superzoom, Panasonic, LUMIX DMC-FZ330

Here's a new still camera from Panasonic with a powerful lens and a surprisingly low price.
GoPro now offers a way to make money from footage
Film & Television 28th Jul 2015

GoPro, cameras

Ubiquitous POV camera leader sets up footage website and solicits content.
The shape of things to come? Jaunt VR's high-end virtual reality camera
Technical 29th Jul 2015

Virtual Reality Camera, cameras, VR, Jaunt

Jaunt VR is making a name for itself as a leader in virtual reality cinema gear and workflows. Now, it's set to debut a new camera aimed squarely at high-end VR production.
Can the TomTom Bandit provide a challenge to GoPro dominance?
Technical 29th Jul 2015

GoPro, cameras, TomTom Bandit

Most GoPro competitors cannot match the undoubted POV leader’s picture quality due to insisting on keeping to very low bitrates, but the list of innovative and user friendly features on its rivals just gets better and better.
Make Full HD colour films by starlight with Canon’s new ISO 4 million camera
Technical 3rd Aug 2015

GoPro, cameras

With a mind-blowing ISO of over 4 million (+75dB), Canon’s new ME20F-SH provides Full HD colour footage in lighting conditions where you’d previously be reaching for the infra-red.