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7 Best Apps for Filmmakers: Pre-Production
Film & Television 21st May 2015

Apps, filmmaking, filmmakers. filmapps, filmmaking tips, preproduction

Getting pumped for your next production? You might want to check out these pre-production apps before you proceed.
Gauteng Film Commission to hold workshops for Gauteng youth
Opportunities 11th Jun 2015

filmmaking, Filmmaker, Gauteng Film Commission, filom workshops

The Gauteng Film Commission is running a special programme of film screenings and workshops for the province's youth at the Nasrec showgrounds outside Soweto during Youth Month.
15 Tips for Producers from the Cannes Film Festival
Finance & Funding 19th Jun 2015

filmmaking, Financing, Production

Here, then, are 15 tips, cautions and commentaries on producing films circa 2013 Scott Macaulay picked up from his time at Cannes.
How to survive on set.
Film & Television 8th Oct 2015


Welcome to your first day on a film set.
Documentary Filmmaking And Fair Use
Film & Television 9th Oct 2015

filmmaking, documentaries, fair use, fim tips

There is a rule called Fair Use, which gives you the right to use certain footage in certain situations, without the need to gain permission off the copyright holder, or pay a license fee.