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$5,000 Grants available from SEJ's Fund for Environmental Journalism
Opportunities 21st May 2015

grants, SEJ's Fund for Environmental Journalism, journalists

SEJ's Fund for Environmental Journalism welcomes applications for grants of up to $5,000 to underwrite story projects.
Working Grants Available for African-European Teams of Investigative Journalists
Opportunities 26th May 2015

grants, press, Investigative Journalists

Connecting Continents provides a total of EUR100,000 for working grants for Sub-Saharan African journalists collaborating with European colleagues or vice versa.
AMA Mobility Grants Programme: Call for Applications
Finance & Funding 3rd Jun 2015

grants, Art Moves Africa, (AMA)

Art Moves Africa (AMA) supports mobility within the African continent by covering the costs of travel, visa and travel insurance for the duration of a stay.
Applications open - Investigative journalism grants
Opportunities 15th Jul 2015

grants, journalism, Investigative journalism Grants

The grants, sponsored by the Fund for Investigative Journalism, are intended to support investigative projects around the world.
Win a $5,000 grant from Creative District
Finance & Funding 23rd Jul 2015

Film Funding, grants, film finance, creative district

Creative District's mission is to help film and media makers #createmore. They’re giving away up to $5,000 in grants each month to projects at any stage.
Sundance Welcomes Submissions for Alfred P. Sloan Grant and Fellowship
Opportunities 27th Jul 2015

grants, fellowships, Alfred P. Sloan Grant

This grant and fellowship provide cash grants to support screenplay development for projects involving science and/or technology.
Call for Applications - ANFASA Grant Scheme for Authors 2015
Opportunities 6th Aug 2015

grants, journalism, ANFASA

ANFASA, the Academic and Non-Fiction Authors’ Association of South Africa, announces the next round of the grant scheme to benefit authors of academic and general non-fiction works.
Working Grants Available for African-European Teams of Investigative Journalists
Opportunities 12th Aug 2015

grants, journalism, Connecting Continents

Connecting Continents is a pilot project offering working grants for mixed teams of African and European journalists to investigate financial governance in Africa. The project is launched by Journalismfund.eu in cooperation with Oxfam Novib, which provides the money for the grants.
$10,000 grants available from Camden International Film Festival and Conservation Media Group
Finance & Funding 17th Aug 2015

Film, grants, Camden International Film Festiva, Conservation Media Group

For the first time ever Lexus and The Weinstein Company will crowd source director submissions from the filmmaking community worldwide for the third series of the Lexus Short Films.
Applications open for Community Arts Centres for Programming Grant
Opportunities 8th Oct 2015

grants, Community Arts Centres for Programming Grant

This is an open call targeting only functional (operational) Community Arts Centres to apply for programming grant. The closing date for submissions is 30 October 2015.