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Edit and share cinematic videos on your phone
Technical 26th Jun 2015

editing, vimeo, Cameo

Turn your video clips into gorgeous short films in just a few swipes. All you need is an iPhone and the free Cameo app.
Vimeo continues to invest in original programming. When will YouTube learn?
Film & Television 9th Oct 2015

vimeo, You Tube

Vimeo is doing what YouTube should have done years ago: it is finding talent on its own platform and investing in them.
Vimeo Pushes Further into Original Programming
Film & Television 12th Oct 2015


Looking for its next "High Maintenance"-level hit, Vimeo introduces three new originals.
US Appeals Court Uphold’s Vimeo’s Safe Harbor Status In Copyright Case
Film & Television 22nd Jun 2016


A major legal battle between the recording industry and Vimeo has gone in Vimeo’s favour
Vimeo CEO Says Content For New SVOD Service Aims To “Get Your Heart Rate Going”
Distribution 18th Jan 2017


Vimeo is currently beefing up staff for the SVOD project and compiling a programming slate that will include original series as well licensed content. .’