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Film grants up to 50'000 Swiss francs available from Swiss Fund 'visions sud est'
Finance & Funding 23rd Nov 2017

film grants, 'visions sud est

visions sud est supports film productions from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe, aims at making them visible worldwide and guarantees their distribution in Switzerland.
What Types of Low Budget Films Break Out
Finance & Funding 22nd Nov 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, film financing, film funding

An investigative report from Film Industry Analyst Stephen Follows and Founder of The Numbers Bruce Nash
With New Service 'Drip,' Kickstarter Aims to Make Filmmaking More Sustainable
Finance & Funding 21st Nov 2017

social media, Kickstarter, Drip, crowdfunding, film finance

Kickstarter’s new tool allows creators to fund and build community around their ongoing projects.
Here’s How A 17-Year-Old Vampire Web Series Uses Crowdsourcing To Keep Its Blood Flowing
Finance & Funding 16th Nov 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, film financing, film funding, crowd sourcing

The Hunted is a web series franchise that has used a unique crowdsourced model to survive as one of, if not the longest-running web series on the internet.
$40,000-60,000 Grants available from the Sundance Documentary Fund
Finance & Funding 15th Nov 2017

documentary grants, Sundance

Sundance offers some sizable grants to international filmmakers with an open application process.
Film grants between $10K – $25K available from the Fledgling Fund
Finance & Funding 10th Nov 2017

grants, film grants, The Fledgling Fund

Fledgling has an open rolling application process for grants to support outreach and engagement for social issue documentary film projects that have the potential to inspire positive social change around issues that affect the most vulnerable.
Periscope Increases ‘Super Hearts’ Payouts To Creators, Will Offer Holiday Bonuses
Finance & Funding 7th Nov 2017

social media, live streaming, Periscope

After launching ‘Super Hearts‘ in June, Periscope has announced an update for its first-ever monetization feature that seeks to put more money in the pockets of creators.
$20-$40 000 funding available from the Sundance Documentary Fund
Finance & Funding 2nd Nov 2017

film finance, film funding, film grants, Sundance Documentary Fund

The Sundance Documentary Film Program supports non-fiction filmmakers worldwide in the production of cinematic documentaries on contemporary themes.
Fund Your Project with the IDA’s Massive List of Grants
Finance & Funding 1st Nov 2017

grants, film grants, ida, International Documentary Association

The International Documentary Association supports filmmakers, and it can help you get the financing you need to bring your projects to life.