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How to Prepare for a Headshot Photo Shoot
Acting 1st Sep 2016

acting, acting tips, audition tips

Headshots are your No. 1 business card when it comes to acting, and a good headshot is as important to your success as a bad one can be detrimental to ever booking work
Why the Camera Adds 10 Pounds
Acting 26th Aug 2016

acting, acting tips, TED talk

Here’s the real reason why the camera adds 10 pounds.
Actors: How to Wake Up Casting Directors
Acting 25th Aug 2016

acting, acting tips, audition tips

Backstage Expert and L.A. on-camera acting teacher (and "Star Wars" fan) Ryan R. Williams offers three techniques to use on casting directors in the audition room to let the force be with you.
Is Your Headshot for Acting or Modeling?
Acting 16th Aug 2016

acting, acting tips, audition tips, headshots

Headshots are not one size fits all. Sometimes a modeling shot can be used as an acting headshot, but most of the time they are not interchangeable. So what are the objectives for each and what makes them different?
Actors Reveal The Secret to Memorizing Lines
Acting 11th Aug 2016

acting, acting tips, audition tips, memorising lines

This question was recently asked on Reddit and the working actors shared some amazing insight on how they easily memorize a ton of lines for a major feature film.
The Successful Commercial Actor’s No. 1 Habit
Acting 8th Aug 2016

acting, acting tips, audition tips

The majority of actors approach the commercial audition the same way. Backstage Expert Joseph Pearlman outlines how to set yourself apart from the pack and land the role!
How to Survive As a Working Actor
Acting 1st Aug 2016

acting, acting tips

What I can tell you, from my experiences, is how to survive as an actor. This is something any actor who’s stuck around long enough has struggled with, and it’s the toughest part of being a working actor. Here is what I’ve gleaned:
8 Steps to a Perfect Self-Tape Audition
Acting 28th Jul 2016

acting, acting tips, audition tips

Steer clear of these pitfalls and you’ll be on your way to submitting a quality, homemade self-tape that can confidently be sent to a casting office.
Actors Guild provides direction
Acting 28th Jul 2016

South African Guild of Actors, SAGA

South African actors are a step closer to securing rights historically denied them, as Parliament considers amendments to two significant pieces of legislation: the Copyright Act No. 98 of 1978 and the Performers Protection Act No. 11 of 1967.