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A Look At the Draft Moroccan Press Code
Media 20th Nov 2014
The draft code, presented last month by Minister of Communications Mustapha El Khalfi, lays out a bold reform plan that, when passed, should mark a big advancement for press freedom in Morocco.
Orange eyes SA online radio, video
Media 19th Nov 2014
Online radio and video entertainment are big new areas of focus in South Africa for the French telecommunications firm.
Digital Platforms Deliver Strong Ad Views
Media 18th Nov 2014
Traditional TV programmers will take heart from research showing that new digital platforms are still witnessing strong completed views of commercials.
Hit Radio hits the airwaves in Burundi
Media 17th Nov 2014
Next month, Burundians will have a new radio station to listen to. According to theDirector of Hit Radio, the station will provide various educational programs as well as music.
Seven mobile apps for creating that quick multimedia extra
Media 14th Nov 2014
In the age of social media, reporters on the scene of a news story face increasing pressure to produce fast, compelling tweets and status updates for their publications.
Quick & Easy Guide to Tracking Across Multiple Domains & Subdomains in Google Analytics
Media 11th Nov 2014
Out of the box, Google Analytics handles being deployed across multiple domains or subdomains extremely poorly. This is easily the most common critical problem in Google Analytics, despite its being relatively easy to fix.
7 Things to Consider Before Launching Your Web Series
Media 10th Nov 2014

web series

Here are seven principles to consider before offering up your first video to the Internet Gods.
Isizwe Wi-Fi to offer free video on demand
Media 6th Nov 2014
Four video-on-demand channels will be offered to Project Isizwe’s free Wi-Fi users in the greater Pretoria area to demonstrate what free Internet access can do for low-income communities.
SA city domains opened to all
Media 5th Nov 2014
Those wanting a .joburg, .durban or .capetown top-level domain can register one starting today.
Online media streaming up 388% from 2013, Adobe finds: but less than 17% watch a full video on mobile
Media 24th Oct 2014
Online TV video consumption has risen 388 per cent from 2013, new figures from Adobe have found, with the typical number of online TV videos watched per visitor each month up by 54.8 per cent.