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Actors, 8 Tips for a Successful Voiceover Slate
Acting 29th Apr 2016
If the casting director is the gateway to a booking, then your slate is the very first step through the voiceover casting gate. There are lots of rumors and opinions out there about exactly how to slate.
6 Tips for Learning Your Best Camera Angles
Acting 28th Apr 2016
Camera technique is as much a part of great camera acting as any of your other acting tools (voice, body, props, backstory, objective beats, creating your reality).
Actors. 10 Qualities You Need to Book the Job
Acting 25th Apr 2016
So what exactly makes an actor castable? That’s easy, right? It’s an actor who is talented and can act whatever part they are given. Not exactly.
Entries now open for the Cape Town Fringe 2016
Acting 22nd Apr 2016
The popular Cape Town Fringe Festival will be back in 2016. As they call for production proposals from artists, the organisers are promising a longer festival, with more opportunities for learners and young South Africans to be part of a ‘new generation’ of theatregoer.
All the Naledi Theatre Awards Winners
Acting 21st Apr 2016
An exciting mix of new faces and established performers. The principal event in the Gauteng theatre calendar came to a dazzling climax on Tuesday, April 19, when the winners of the prestigious Naledi Theatre Awards were announced.
5 Ways to Break Free From Typecasting
Acting 18th Apr 2016
Important questions actors should ask themselves are: What is my type? What are the parts for which I would readily be cast?
I want to be an actor in Cape Town! Where do I start? (5 tips to get you going)
Acting 13th Apr 2016
Maybe I have what it takes to make it to the top! Where do I begin?
10 Ways to Find Audition Inspiration
Acting 12th Apr 2016

acting, acting advice, audition advice

Inspiration doesn’t just happen. You have to get your mind started on the process. Here are some ways to approach audition material that will help kickstart the search for inspiration.
Oscar Winner Olympia Dukakis Shares Some Very Unexpected Acting Advice
Acting 11th Apr 2016
The beloved star of stage and screen was feted at the Sarasota Film Festival, where she doled out some real talk about acting.
3 Ways to Achieve Success in the Audition Room
Acting 6th Apr 2016
Cricket Feet CD Bonnie Gillespie talks the dos and don’ts of her audition room and why Google can be an actor’s friend.