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5 Reasons All Actors Should Do Stage Crew
Acting 4th Apr 2016
Do you know why most actor training programs require students to log hours behind the scenes? Here are five good reasons to work backstage while you’re studying your craft.
How to Transform From Actor to Artist
Acting 1st Apr 2016
Sure, you can be an actor? But don’t you want to be someone who takes audiences with you to an entirely new realm?
Actors. 1 Way to Ensure You’re Never a Starving Artist
Acting 31st Mar 2016
You’ve worked your tail off. Countless auditions, classes, coaching sessions, and a final callback or two later, you get that glorious phone call from casting that says you got the job! When those paychecks start rolling in, it’s important to know what to do with them.
Attention Actors, The 4 Jobs of a Headshot
Acting 29th Mar 2016
A casting director, director, agent, or manager needs to be able to look at your headshot (or you) and know exactly who you are and what they can do with you.
How to Get an Agent Interested in You
Acting 23rd Mar 2016
Actors have too many misconceptions about agents and the best way to approach them.
10 Audition Tips You Need to Know
Acting 18th Mar 2016
There are still things that actors can learn when going through the audition process.
How to Solve Common Beginning Actors Mistakes
Acting 17th Mar 2016
If you’re a beginning actor, if you teach beginning actors, review this list and take a step in the right direction.
Actors. What Is Your Headshot Telling Casting Directors?
Acting 14th Mar 2016
Your headshot communicates a lot nonverbally. So, what is your headshot doing or not doing for you?
How to Become an Actor: The Business of Acting
Acting 11th Mar 2016
Wanna learn how to become an actor? You've got to remember that acting is first and foremost a business. Just follow this simple and practical advice and you'll book job after job.
Audition Tips & Tricks for Actors
Acting 8th Mar 2016
What do we mean by audition tips & tricks? We mean the small stuff. Stuff you may never have thought about. But it makes a huge difference.