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STUDY: Social Media Followers is More Important Than Acting Talent
Acting 7th Jul 2016

acting, acting advice, sociall media

A new study reveals why social media stars are taking over Hollywood.
3 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Auditions
Acting 5th Jul 2016

acting, acting advice, audition advice

To avoid coming out of the audition experience with a lot of regret about the things you wish had or had not done, consider if you might be doing a few of the following things.
4 Hidden secrets to landing a talent agent
Acting 1st Jul 2016

acting, acting advice, audition advice, find an agent

Learn how to get a talent agent to represent you as an actor.
1 Foolproof Way to Get Rid of Audition Nerves
Acting 28th Jun 2016
Don’t let your audition nerves overpower you! Use this one tool to crush them!
Technology Do’s and Don’ts for Voice Actors
Acting 27th Jun 2016

acting, acting advice, audition advice

Here are some tips for you to successfully navigate technology for your voiceover career:
Announcing The Directors’-in-Waiting Indaba
Acting 27th Jun 2016
Are you a Director-in-waiting, or an established director, waiting for the opportunity to express your artistic voice? Across the board, our members have been asking for information and inquiring about opportunities to create entry level participation for new directors.
Things to Know Before an Acting Audition
Acting 24th Jun 2016
Specific tips that the clever entertainer can use.
3 Elements of a Great Agent, and Which Is Most Important
Acting 23rd Jun 2016
An agent's job can be broken down into three distinct functions: signing, selling, and servicing. The first two are easy to define. But what about servicing? What exactly does that entail?
How to Book Modeling Jobs With Your Acting Skills
Acting 23rd Jun 2016

Acting, Modelling

When I first got started in the industry in 1984, I had no idea that there was such a thing as commercial modelling. Learning about commercial modelling has changed my career and life.
Why the More Excited Actor Will Book the Job
Acting 20th Jun 2016

acting, acting advice, audition advice

One of the things that casting often finds hard to understand is that as many times as actors say that they want/need more auditions, when they have one, it looks like the last place on earth they want to be!