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9 Social Media Hacks
Social Media 9th Feb 2015
With the help of Reddit’s Social Media subreddit, here are nine social media hacks to up your social media marketing game.
Benefiting from the networked economy: he who connects wins
Social Media 6th Feb 2015
In this brave new world of the Networked Economy and these smarter, faster and more global networks are already starting to transform business in ways never thought possible.
Twitter rolls out new features, including group direct messages and mobile video experience
Social Media 29th Jan 2015
The thinking behind the group messaging is for people who want to continue a public conversation which would begin and die on the timeline, but now with group messaging, it can be continued with a select few in a group.
26 Tips for Improving Your Social Media Marketing
Social Media 29th Jan 2015
Does your social media need a boost? Do you want to add something to your online marketing?
Twitter Users Can Now Shoot, Edit and Post 30-Second Videos
Social Media 28th Jan 2015
Twitter users will now be able to capture and share homemade videos directly on the site in what could be a game-changing feature, just as photos helped crystallize the significance of the social-media service.
Are Facebook and Twitter Better for Video Sharing than YouTube?
Social Media 26th Jan 2015
Facebook and Twitter have joined the fight for stake in the video sharing market, and YouTube’s fate is now in question.
The Elements of Style for Crowdfunding Filmmakers
Social Media 26th Jan 2015
A crowdfunding campaign for an independent film should strive to be an extension of the indie film you’re looking to produce.
How to Build a Winning Twitter Ad Campaign
Social Media 25th Jan 2015
As much as marketers love engaging with people on Twitter, what they really want to know is how to start making a profit from those conversations. Twitter ads are a great way to do that.
Facebook Now Bigger Than YouTube For Brand Videos
Social Media 23rd Jan 2015
Facebook has become bigger than YouTube for posting video as far as brands are concerned. Take a moment and let that sink in, because this time last year, that was pretty much unthinkable.
WhatsApp comes to the desktop
Social Media 22nd Jan 2015
The instant messaging giant revealed on Wednesday that it will allow people to send and receive WhatsApp messages on their desktops via a Web client.