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If you want Facebook Insights to really be useful, you have to use it effectively
Social Media 5th Jan 2015
If you are using a Facebook business page in your social media strategy to compliment your overall marketing strategy, are you measuring your business page on Facebook correctly?
28 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2015 From the Pros
Social Media 4th Jan 2015
To get a grip on what the near future may look like, we tapped the knowledge of 28 social media pros.
Instagram Is Now Bigger Than Twitter With 300 Million Monthly Users
Social Media 12th Dec 2014
Instagram now has 300 million monthly users, picking up 100 million since March. The photo- and video-sharing app has surpassed Twitter's official user count of 284 million.
Top YouTube videos of 2014
Social Media 11th Dec 2014
Gaming channel Pew Die Pie came in first place in the list of the most popular YouTube channels for the second year running. This list was chosen based on channel subscriber growth in 2014 as well as account views, reach and engagement, according to Google.
How to Measure Your Social Media ROI Using Google Analytics
Social Media 4th Dec 2014
Do you want to understand your social media return-on-investment (ROI)? Are you tracking the customer journey in Google Analytics?
How to Improve Your Social Media Ads Using Brain Science
Social Media 3rd Dec 2014
Are you advertising on social media? Do you want more attention for your social media ads?
New Facebook Rules Will Sting Entrepreneurs
Social Media 2nd Dec 2014
Network to Remove Unpaid Plugs in User News Feeds
Tumblr beats Instagram as fastest growing social platform, Facebook lags behind
Social Media 2nd Dec 2014
Research published by Global Web Index shows that blogging site Tumblr’s active user base grew in the last six months by 120% and discovery platform Pinterest by 111% while Facebook’s only grew by 2%.
Facebook Ad Campaign Changes: What Marketers Need to Know
Social Media 27th Nov 2014
Recent changes made to Facebook’s ad campaign structure can affect how you set up and test your ads.
Factual Festival: how to use YouTube to get ahead
Social Media 18th Nov 2014
YouTube is a brilliant place to test out new factual ideas and to showcase your content, but remains a very difficult place for TV indies to make money.