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Forrester: Pinterest Doesn't Work For Marketers
Social Media 22nd Jan 2015
While Pinterest’s ad strategy is taking shape, analysts remain on the fence about the pin-based social network, and its near-term marketing potential.
The Taylor Swift guide to social media marketing
Social Media 19th Jan 2015
Last year, Taylor Swift showed that her true genius is not in song writing but in how she uses social media. Her album “1989” sold more copies in its opening week than any album in the previous 12 years.
Facebook begins testing ‘At Work’ enterprise product
Social Media 16th Jan 2015

Facebook, Facebook at Work

The app, which blends elements of the Facebook experience into an enterprise level product, will be visible in iOS and Android App Stores and accessible to pilot partners only.
Pinterest Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business
Social Media 15th Jan 2015
Pinterest is being used more and more to reach out to consumers. Basic use of this social media site is helpful, but special tools can improve your visibility and the consumer’s experience.
Which Types of Facebook Content Get More Shares and Comments?
Social Media 12th Jan 2015
As part of our recent Q3 2014 Facebook Network Study, I took a closer look at what types of engagement happen across links, photos, statuses, and videos to see how they stack up.
Facebook wants you to know its video offering is doing really well
Social Media 8th Jan 2015
Facebook has been making strides towards being more video friendly. And it appears to be succeeding.
WhatsApp continues to surge, gaining 100 million new users in just four months
Social Media 7th Jan 2015
WhatsApp cofounder and CEO Jan Koum has announced that the messaging app has reached 700-million monthly active users, with some 30-billion messages sent every day.
How to Get More Page Views From Social Media Visitors
Social Media 7th Jan 2015
There is no question that today’s online user has a very limited attention span. You have just a short window of time to snag their interest and get them to take a deeper look at what you have to offer.
Five Google Analytics Shortcuts to Speed Your Analysis
Social Media 7th Jan 2015
Are you spending too much time fiddling within Google Analytics? Do you want to streamline your analysis experience?
Twitter lets slip details for YouTube rival video service
Social Media 6th Jan 2015
Twitter has let slip details about its upcoming YouTube rival service that will crucially not support videos hosted on rival platforms as it accelerates efforts to extend its own walled garden for users and advertisers.