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3 Ways to Measure Your YouTube Performance
Social Media 29th Sep 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, YouTube

Are you creating YouTube videos? Wondering how to analyze the impact of your video content? In this article, you’ll discover how to measure the performance of YouTube videos.
YouTube Revamps Analytics Reports To Help Creators Better Understand Subscription Traffic
Social Media 26th Sep 2017

social media, YouTube

YouTube has updated its Analytics reports to give creators a better sense of fluctuations and patterns with respect to subscribers on their channels, the video giant announced today.
Facebook Sets Guidelines To Dictate What Types Of Content It Won’t Monetize
Social Media 18th Sep 2017

social media, Facebook

As it begins to roll out ad breaks on its videos, the social giant has shared a list of guidelines so that its publishing partners are clear about the sort of content that will not be eligible for monetization.
YouTube Improves Livestreaming Latency, Adds New Chat Moderation Tools
Social Media 8th Sep 2017

social media, YouTube, live streaming, 4K

YouTube has rolled out several improvements to its livestreaming functionality, including features that make broadcasting delays even shorter, as well as new chat moderation tools.
Insights: From Venice to Vegas, Virtual Reality Keeps Evolving As AR Grabs the Stage
Social Media 8th Sep 2017

virtual reality, vr. AR

Over the next few weeks, you’ll hear a lot about augmented reality, as Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft all make big pushes. AR, they’ll be saying, is going to be huge and transformative. Yep, they’re probably right.
Amazon’s Influencer Program Launches Self-Service Tool As It Seeks Top-Level Creators
Social Media 28th Aug 2017

social media, Amazon, Influencer Program, Self-Service Tool

Amazon has launched a self-service tool that streamlines the Influencer Program’s application process and could lead to more creators coming on board.
YouTube Is Piloting A Feature That Displays Concurrent Views In Real-Time
Social Media 17th Aug 2017

social media, YouTube, Concurrent Views

YouTube is currently piloting a new feature that will showcase how many people are watching the same video at the same time.
Facebook Finally Launches ‘Watch’, Its Video Tab For Episodic Shows
Social Media 16th Aug 2017

social media, YouTube, Watch

Facebook has officially launched its long-awaited video platform, Watch, a separate tab intended to serve both live and recorded programming that follows a storyline or theme. Such videos could include, according to Facebook, weekly cooking shows or daily vlogs.
Top 5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube This Year
Social Media 15th Aug 2017

social media, YouTube

YouTube can be a profitable platform, but only if you use it to its fullest potential.
Instagram Will Let You Add Friends To Your Live Broadcasts With Co-Streaming Feature
Social Media 11th Aug 2017

social media, Instagram, Live Broadcasts

Instagram is adding an interesting new feature to the live streaming platform it launched late last year. The Facebook-owned social media company is testing an update that would give its users the ability to add friends to their broadcast.