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Actors. What Is Your Headshot Telling Casting Directors?
Acting 14th Mar 2016
Your headshot communicates a lot nonverbally. So, what is your headshot doing or not doing for you?
How to Become an Actor: The Business of Acting
Acting 11th Mar 2016
Wanna learn how to become an actor? You've got to remember that acting is first and foremost a business. Just follow this simple and practical advice and you'll book job after job.
Audition Tips & Tricks for Actors
Acting 8th Mar 2016
What do we mean by audition tips & tricks? We mean the small stuff. Stuff you may never have thought about. But it makes a huge difference.
Actors. Can Clothes Really Book a Job?
Acting 7th Mar 2016
Not only can the right clothes play a part in booking a job, more importantly, the wrong clothes can lose a job for an actor as well.
Reducing Casting's Ability to Reject You
Acting 4th Mar 2016
What an interesting career you have chosen! An actor for hire. Or, more appropriately, a character for hire, for stories. No matter how you look at it, a professional actor has to learn to deal with rejection.
Acting Techniques and Tips for Actors
Acting 2nd Mar 2016
Acting techniques are at the heart of every audition. You can't just show up, you have to be good. We're gonna show you how...
Secret Agent Man's 3 Ways To Become a Better Actor
Acting 1st Mar 2016
Opportunities are a rare thing in this business, and they tend to show up when you least expect it. That’s why you need to be prepared. You have to be the best actor you can be so you can take advantage of unexpected chances.
How to Learn Your Lines Without Memorizing
Acting 26th Feb 2016
How actors learn their lines can negatively impact the quality of their performance.
6 Tips for a professional actors demo reel
Acting 8th Feb 2016
Demo Reels are an integral marketing tool for an actor. For those who see hundreds of Demo Reels in their daily lives, the difference between bringing the actor in or forgetting them entirely depends on how well your Demo Reel speaks for you.
Tips for Actors to Handle Call Backs
Acting 1st Feb 2016
When an actor/actress receives a callback, it means that their performance in the initial audition was spot-on. There are many things that are out of your control, but you’ve come this far, so enjoy it and be prepared!