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6 Essential Tips Actors Need to Know About Camera Work
Acting 28th Jan 2016
Some of the best acting training happens on the stage, but it’s film and TV work that can keep an actor’s career diverse. Switching between mediums, however, can prove a daunting task for those who have never been on a set. Preparation is imperative to delivering the best performance for the camera.
3 Things Every Auditioning Actor Must Know
Acting 27th Jan 2016
In a 25-person casting session, there are only five people who are truly competing for the job. This was the opinion of a group of casting directors with whom Craig Wallace recently spoke. What do the five know that the other 20 don’t?
5 Things Every Actor Needs to Land Theatrical Representation
Acting 25th Jan 2016
Whether you are just getting started in the entertainment industry, or you are a seasoned talent with great training and credits on your resume, here are 5 things every actor needs to land theatrical representation.
Tips to Increase Your Chances to Work as an Actor
Acting 21st Jan 2016
The most important thing to remember when auditioning for any role is that only one person will get it. That one person could be you. If you are lazy and don't understand the principles of competition and hard work, don't expect miracles.
11 Fears Every Working Actor Must Overcome
Acting 18th Jan 2016
Here are 11 fears you’ll have to nip in the bud to be the working actor we know you’re meant to be.
Top 10 mistakes actors make on their showreels
Acting 30th Nov 2015
So many people want to break in as film actors, but few take the time to fully research the right way to present and market themselves. Here's Raindance's special to-do list of how 'not-to' make an actor' showreel.
5 Tips For The Auditioning Actor Who Wants to Work
Acting 16th Nov 2015

acting tips

Get the low-down on what it takes to get that next great role, from a casting director who knows.
5 Reasons Every Actor Should Make a Web Series
Acting 3rd Nov 2015

web series, acting

Kit Williamson, the creator and star of "EastSiders" explains the benefits of making a web series - and how it could be just the break you need.
Directors Share Their Top 10 Reasons for Rejecting Actors
Acting 30th Oct 2015

acting, cast

Daily Actor spoke to directors Michael Gellman, Scotty Watson, Gary Austin and David Razowsky to uncover the most common mistakes they see actors make in auditions.
5 Actors Tips for Networking With Filmmakers at Film Festivals
Acting 3rd Aug 2015

acting, acting tips

So how do you cast the “net” without being obvious and desperate for a catch?