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Finance & Funding

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Win £2500 for your web series in Raindance’s Web Series Pilot Contest
Finance & Funding 14th Aug 2015

web series, Raindance, Pilot Contest

You have until 11th September to submit to Raindance’s Web Series Pilot Contest with DailyMotion!
Funding available from Hot Docs-Blue Ice Group Documentary Fund
Finance & Funding 4th Aug 2015

film finance, Hot Docs, Documentary Funding

The Hot Docs-Blue Ice Group Documentary Fund is a grant program providing financial support to African documentary filmmakers for development and production.
nextPix/firstPix is now assisting with Crowd funding Grants for 2015
Finance & Funding 31st Jul 2015

social media, film funding. crowd funding

nextPix/firstPix have recently changed their approach to the firstPix grant. Rather than fund on a pre-determined cycle, they will accept queries from any film that is being crowd funded at any point during the year.
National Lotteries Commission call for funding applications
Finance & Funding 24th Jul 2015

Film Funding, film finance, National Lotteries Commission

The Distributing Agency for Arts, Culture and National Heritage (ACNH) is once again in the position to consider applications for funding from the proceeds of the National Lottery aligned to regulations.
€20.000 available for Distribution support for international co-productions
Finance & Funding 24th Jul 2015

Marketing, distribution, filmmaking tips, Filmmaker, indie tips, distribution funding

The HBF+Europe distribution scheme offers financial support to the distribution of feature films by filmmakers from Africa, Asia, Latin America and parts of Eastern Europe
4 Reasons Why Product Placement Can Be Good for Indie Film
Finance & Funding 24th Jul 2015

Film Funding, film finance, film distribution. filmmaker, Product Placement

It's not just big-budget blockbusters that get sponsorship deals. Indies do too - and there's quite a big upside.
Win a $5,000 grant from Creative District
Finance & Funding 23rd Jul 2015

Film Funding, grants, film finance, creative district

Creative District's mission is to help film and media makers #createmore. They’re giving away up to $5,000 in grants each month to projects at any stage.
€10 000 Script & Project Development grants available
Finance & Funding 21st Jul 2015

film finance, film grants, Scrip financet, Project Development

A grant can be used for the further development of the script (e.g. research, writing, translation or hiring a coach or script consultant) but can also be used to present the project to financiers or other potential partners at (international) co-production meetings or film festivals.
€20.000 grant available for post production support
Finance & Funding 20th Jul 2015

film finance, post production, Hubert Bals Fund

A post-production grant can be used for various activities in the post-production process (e.g. editing, colour grading or sound mixing).
Nine Answers for Anxious Film Investors
Finance & Funding 20th Jul 2015

filmmaking tips, film finance, Filmmaker, indie tips

Anyone who has ever attempted to find money for a film knows that there are typical questions that always get asked by first-time investors: