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6 Myths of Film Distribution
Finance & Funding 15th Sep 2014
One of the major Achilles’ heels for film producers and directors is the distribution game. Once you’ve made your movie, what do you do? How do you play the game? What strategies do you employ? Is there even a strategy?
Berlinale Co-Production Market
Finance & Funding 12th Sep 2014
Experienced Producers and “Berlinale Directors” are invited to submit new international feature film projects until October 22
Feature Film Funding
Finance & Funding 31st Aug 2014
No longer is there a certified and approved film/TV organization that provides current and creditable information for independents to reference, when needing help with developing and marketing their script.
What the networks want from Independents
Finance & Funding 31st Aug 2014
Networks are more open to reviewing projects than ever before. Then why have the networks made it so difficult for independents to submit their shows for consideration?