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Sundance Infographic 2015: Dollars and Distribution
Finance & Funding 20th Jan 2015
Congratulations Sundance filmmakers! You have a 4 in 5 chance of getting a distribution deal.
How To Pitch Reality TV Show Ideas
Finance & Funding 20th Jan 2015
Have a great idea for a reality TV show? Want to learn how to pitch reality TV shows?
Film Funding Available
Finance & Funding 13th Jan 2015
Movies that Matter Foundation, an initiative of Amnesty International, organises wide-ranging film programmes in which human rights take centre stage.
Mifa 2015 Call for Projects
Finance & Funding 13th Jan 2015
Calling all South Africans with projects in concept stage (Short films, feature films, TV series and transmedia).
16 Big Marketing Ideas For Filmmakers On A Small Budget
Finance & Funding 9th Jan 2015
Why submit to the wintry economic climate when you can turn the fact that you have no money into an advantage.
TRENDS 2015 for the Ad, Media & Entertainment industries
Finance & Funding 8th Jan 2015
It has started 2015, and you can read many predictions and forecasting for the year. I will try to summarize the most important and interesting ones for these industries, since all of them are very much related.
New UK TV Channel Looking to Acquire TV Shows
Finance & Funding 12th Dec 2014
We will be promoting The Channel as a platform which aims to inspire and a give a platform to young adults (aged 16-35).
How to Raise the Private Capital to Produce and Sell a Film
Finance & Funding 5th Dec 2014
Things are tough out there. But in this guest post, Matthew Helderman of Buffalo 8 Productions and Bondit explains how all is not lost and it's still possible to find financing.
MMBF Grants and Bursaries for Filmmakers Worldwide
Finance & Funding 26th Nov 2014
MMBF aims to support both first time filmmakers and established filmmakers through grants and bursaries
Why Nonprofits are the Future of Indie Film
Finance & Funding 13th Nov 2014
Filmmaker Nick Toti writes about the changing ecosystem for indie film - and how non-profits could be the answer.