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Finance & Funding

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7 Ways to maximise your distribution
Finance & Funding 7th May 2015
How did AGE OF CHAMPIONS succeed where countless other documentaries have failed? The film has been seen by more than 3 million viewers and has grossed over $1.2 million dollars.
$50,000 to $100,000 in funding available from the Tribeca Film Institute
Finance & Funding 6th May 2015
The TFI New Media Fund provides funding and support to non-fiction, social issue media projects that go beyond traditional screens – integrating video with content across media platforms.
Bank of Industry introduces 'Nollyfund' for filmmakers
Finance & Funding 5th May 2015
Nollywood filmmakers have a new lifeline as Bank of Industry has developed a special product program called ‘BoI NollyFund’ under which Nigeria’s leading movie producers will receive financial support to produce their films.
The deadline for BASA Supporting Grants applications is fast approaching
Finance & Funding 5th May 2015
Business and Arts South Africa’s (NPC) Supporting Grant programme is designed for artist/arts organisations and businesses to assist in activating sponsorship for a cross-section of arts projects in different regions of the country.
Call for Applications - Chicken and Egg Pictures Grants 2015
Finance & Funding 29th Apr 2015
Since 2005, Chicken & Egg Pictures has awarded $3.75 million in grants and 5,220 hours of mentorship to over 180 films.
Applications open for the US$195,000 Pare Lorentz Doc Fund
Finance & Funding 22nd Apr 2015
Documentarians can apply for US$15,000 to US$25,000 to complete their projects.
Grant funding available
Finance & Funding 16th Apr 2015
WorldView and WaterAid are inviting filmmakers to pitch story ideas for the chance to be awarded a grant of up to £3,000 to make a documentary film, in time for World Water Day 2016.
Don’t Kill Your Movie: Avoid Deadly Mistakes with Distribution Deals
Finance & Funding 10th Apr 2015
There is a woeful lack of knowledge by so many independent producers and directors today, who make crucial yet avoidable mistakes in the distribution of their films
The 7 Dirty Secrets of Film Financing
Finance & Funding 7th Apr 2015
Learn some film financing tips from an industry pro.
Applications now open for NFVF 1st quarter funding
Finance & Funding 7th Apr 2015
The areas of funding application include: development and production financing, training, marketing and distribution support.