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Jason Blum's 5 Tips for Low-Budget Filmmaking Success
Finance & Funding 4th Jun 2015

filmmaking tips, Filmmaker, indie tips, Low-Budget Filmmaking

Some must-read insights into the success of low-budget producer Jason Blum.
AMA Mobility Grants Programme: Call for Applications
Finance & Funding 3rd Jun 2015

grants, Art Moves Africa, (AMA)

Art Moves Africa (AMA) supports mobility within the African continent by covering the costs of travel, visa and travel insurance for the duration of a stay.
BFI: £1 Million International Co-production funding available
Finance & Funding 2nd Jun 2015

Film Funding, film finance, film distribution. filmmaker, BFI, co-production funding

The BFI Film Fund has committed up to £1m per annum to encourage creative excellence in co-production where the majority of the creative input comes from one of the UK’s partner countries.
Key Dates for OMDC’s International Financing Forum (IFF)
Finance & Funding 2nd Jun 2015

Film Funding, film finance, OMDC, International Financing Forum, IFF

Now in its 10th year, IFF has introduced hundreds of projects to the international marketplace with over 60 successfully financed to date.
3 Ways To Successfully Crowdsource Your Next Film
Finance & Funding 2nd Jun 2015

social media, Crowdsourcing

Now, independent filmmakers can use crowdsourcing sites to cast films, develop graphics and soundtracks, and help distribute their films.
2 Weeks left to apply for $35,000 grants from Chicken and Egg Accelerator Lab 2015
Finance & Funding 25th May 2015

Film Funding, film finance, film grants. Filmmaker, Chicken and Egg

Since 2005, Chicken & Egg Pictures has awarded almost $4 million in grants and more than 5,200 hours of mentorship to over 180 films
Documentary Film Grants Available from Alter-Ciné Foundation
Finance & Funding 19th May 2015

documentary, grants

This year, the Foundation will award a grant of 10,000 Canadian dollars to a video or filmmaker to assist in the production of a documentary project.
Black filmmakers get boost for big productions
Finance & Funding 18th May 2015

South Africa, filmmakers, incentives

South Africa has launched a three-year incentive scheme to help black filmmakers develop their businesses to the point they can take on big productions.
7 Ways to Maximize Your Documentary's Distribution
Finance & Funding 12th May 2015
Here's how a little documentary about the Senior Olympics has chugged along to success - and grossed over $1.2 million.