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Berlinale Co-Production Market
Finance & Funding 12th Sep 2014
Experienced Producers and “Berlinale Directors” are invited to submit new international feature film projects until October 22
South African Call for The Annual Oscars Foreign Language Film Category now open
Opportunities 12th Sep 2014
It is that time of the year when the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) extends a call to South African Filmmakers to submit their films for The Annual Academy Awards (Oscars).
Learn the Basics of Cinematic Composition in 14 Minutes
Film & Television 12th Sep 2014
This video essay by Press Play not only compares the arrangement of early and contemporary films, but explains the fundamentals of what makes up a composition as well.
Attention, Filmmakers! $100,000 in Grants Could Fund Your World Travel Documentary
Opportunities 11th Sep 2014
The Explorers Club unveils a $100,000 Grant to anyone willing to showcase a research-savvy scientific achievement or never before seen worldly exploration.
Understanding ISO: In digital cameras, it's not what you think it is
Film & Television 11th Sep 2014
ISO ratings made perfect sense in the days of photochemical film but only serve to muddy the waters when it comes to assessing camera performance in the digital age.
YouTube can kill your brand: here’s how
Social Media 11th Sep 2014
While digital advertising offers brands a unique platform for reaching potential customers, there are instances when using digital advertising insensitively or in a way that annoys users can actually put a brand at risk.
Enlist Twitter for Crowdfunding Success
Social Media 10th Sep 2014
Twitter is perfect for crowdfunding if used correctly because of its reach and the speed with which news can be spread. But like everything else in the world, it is only effective if it's used correctly.
How to Build Your Audience on YouTube
Social Media 10th Sep 2014
If you really want to use YouTube effectively, I recommend that you take the time to cultivate a channel, so your brand will have a personality.
The Morland Scholarship for African Writers 2015
Opportunities 10th Sep 2014
Applications are now open the Morland Scholarship for Writers for 2015. Three scholarships of £18,000 (US $30,000) each will be awarded to writers who were born in Africa or whose parents were born in Africa.
Facebook has 100m users in Africa
Social Media 9th Sep 2014

Facebook, Mobile, Africa

Facebook has reached a significant milestone in Africa, announcing that as of June 2014, 100m people are connecting to the social network at least once a month.