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MIPTV: New Producers to Watch!
Opportunities 3rd Mar 2015
Are you one of today's most innovative TV & video producers?
Looking for Film Financing? Talk to Advertisers
Finance & Funding 3rd Mar 2015
You can expect the next wave of financing to come from advertisers, given the success of “Lego.”
Africable announces first hybrid platform DTT / DTH in West Africa
Film & Television 3rd Mar 2015
In August 2014, satellite operator SES announced it had established with Africable and other TV channels a multiyear contract allowing them to transmit DTT sugnals over a large part of the African continent.
Open City Docs deadline extended
Open City Documentary Festival The festival offers filmmakers from around the globe the opportunity to have their work seen by award-winning judges, fellow filmmakers and a broad public audience.
National Arts Council nominations invited
Opportunities 2nd Mar 2015
Nominations are being invited for the National Arts Council.
Editing in 4K: Minimum system requirements
Film & Television 2nd Mar 2015
Looking to edit 4K footage? Needing a bigger and better machine to handle all that data?
OTT video picks up in emerging markets
Film & Television 2nd Mar 2015
A new Pyramid Research report expects paid OTT revenue in emerging markets to expand from US$1.9 billion in 2014 to US$6.0 billion in 2019.
How advertisers can be more relevant on Facebook
Advertising 2nd Mar 2015
It’s in Facebook’s best interests to see the most effective advertising possible on the platform. Relevant ads will keep its users happy as well as its advertisers, who’ll see better results.
Branded Content - TV's Trojan Horse for Tapping Billions of Dollars
Advertising 2nd Mar 2015
How Branded Content that connects the viewer and shopper can save the TV Industry. The multi-billion dollar opportunity.
3 Low Budget Editing Tips for Action Movies
Film & Television 2nd Mar 2015
Vashi shares 3 tips that will help you visually amplify dramatic moments and give them much more impact.