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Jozi filmmaker heads off to Vancouver South Africa Film Festival
Film & Television 8th Apr 2015
What happens when a white woman goes to live in a black township?
Use of mobile Internet in Nigeria, Ghana surpasses that of S Africa
Media 8th Apr 2015
While South Africa boasts a more robust broadband infrastructure than its African peers, more people in Nigeria and Ghana use their mobile phones to access the Internet.
YouTube’s VP9 codec has enabled users to watch 25bn hours of faster, better, buffer-free videos
Film & Television 8th Apr 2015
YouTube has revealed that video buffering is no longer a thing. Thanks to the VP9 video codec,
BoI, NEXIM Pledge More Support for Nollywod
Film & Television 8th Apr 2015
The fact finding mission to Durban, South Africa embarked upon by some Nollywood filmmakers provided an opportunity for the delegation to educate their counterparts on the existence of available financing schemes in the Nigerian entertainment industry that they can leverage and benefit from.
@BritishCouncil are looking for African non-fiction writers
Opportunities 8th Apr 2015
Commonwealth Writers are inviting writers from Commonwealth African countries to submit proposals for a piece of creative non-fiction.
$10,000 Getty Images grants available [Worldwide]
Opportunities 8th Apr 2015
The Grants for Editorial Photography, sponsored by Getty Images, support compelling social, political and cultural stories.
Why The Future Of Online Advertising Looks A Lot Like Television
Film & Television 7th Apr 2015
TV-like video ads are driving much of the growth in the ad industry and likely will drive much more.
The 7 Dirty Secrets of Film Financing
Finance & Funding 7th Apr 2015
Learn some film financing tips from an industry pro.
Applications now open for NFVF 1st quarter funding
Finance & Funding 7th Apr 2015
The areas of funding application include: development and production financing, training, marketing and distribution support.
M-Net Movies is looking for a pooch with personality
Opportunities 7th Apr 2015
Your furry friend could be the M-NET Movies family AMBASSADOGGY