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Netflix film strategy continues with Sandler exclusives
Film & Television 3rd Oct 2014
Netflix has penned a deal with movie actor Adam Sandler to bring four of his next feature films exclusively to the service.
Should brands and publishers consider walking away from Facebook?
Social Media 3rd Oct 2014
While at first the thought of leaving behind the social media mammoth that is Facebook seemed like a crazy idea, Ashraf Stakala has come to the realisation that it’s time for brands and publishers to ditch the platform. Here’s why.
Call for South African Applications to Attend HotDocs 2015
South African filmmakers have the opportunity to attend Hot Docs 2015 as part of the Documentary Filmmakers’ Association’s application to the Department of Trade and Industry’s Group Export Sector Specific Assistance Scheme (SSAS).
Applications are now open for the 2015 Kiplinger Fellowship week
Opportunities 2nd Oct 2014
The Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism offers short-term fellowships to help make better use of new online tools and channels.
Facebook killer called Ello gets the timing right
Social Media 2nd Oct 2014
Is the start-up, which accepts no advertising and does no data mining, ready for prime time?
7 truths of video advertising
Advertising 2nd Oct 2014
Online video ads have been found to outperform TV commercials across a whole spectrum of effectiveness metrics including general recall, brand recall, message recall, and likability.
How to Stream Google Hangouts On Air to Twitter and Facebook
Social Media 2nd Oct 2014
Are you using Google Hangouts on Air? Do you want your Twitter and Facebook followers to join in?
Entries Open for Open City Documentary Festival
Opportunities 1st Oct 2014
Open City Documentary Festival (OCDF) celebrates the best in contemporary non-fiction filmmaking.
Four Key Concepts You Need to Sell Your Film
Finance & Funding 1st Oct 2014
The film revolution will not be televised. It will most likely stream. Things have changed so quickly in the last 5 years, its hard for a lot of people to wrap their heads around where we’re at.
4K Recording at 30fps – Introducing the GoPro Hero4
Film & Television 1st Oct 2014
GoPro has announced their latest camera: the Hero4. Most outstanding for those insisting on 4k recording is the GoPro Hero Black Edition’s ability to record 4k at 30fps, which is a significant improvement over the Hero3, which could record at 15fps.