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What Hollywood Thinks about China
Film & Television 6th Jan 2015
Hollywood’s obsession with China was a major theme of 2014. China represents the second largest film market in the world and has become a major market focus for numerous big budget American movies.
5 Huge Mistakes You'll Make in the Film and TV Business (and How to Avoid Them)
Film & Television 6th Jan 2015
Why did no one see your short film? Why didn't it get into those festivals? Why wasn't your feature film bought and distributed?
Twitter lets slip details for YouTube rival video service
Social Media 6th Jan 2015
Twitter has let slip details about its upcoming YouTube rival service that will crucially not support videos hosted on rival platforms as it accelerates efforts to extend its own walled garden for users and advertisers.
SABC gets new finance chief
Film & Television 6th Jan 2015
Chartered accountant James Aguma has been appointed the SABC's new chief financial officer, it was announced on Monday.
Netflix cracks down on users attempting to bypass regional blocks
Media 6th Jan 2015
Netflix is allegedly cracking down on international subscribers who digitally spoof the location of their computers to watch films only permitted in the United States.
Scholarships available to study in Belgium
Opportunities 5th Jan 2015
Belgium's University Commission for Development will grant 150 CIUF-CUD scholarships to students from developing countries.
If you want Facebook Insights to really be useful, you have to use it effectively
Social Media 5th Jan 2015
If you are using a Facebook business page in your social media strategy to compliment your overall marketing strategy, are you measuring your business page on Facebook correctly?
Clear Channel UK spearheads shift to interactive outdoors ads in London
Advertising 5th Jan 2015
The head of Clear Channel UK, a subsidiary one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising company, has claimed its holdings will be greatly digitised in the near-future as interactive ads overtake traditional media slots.
Why Hearst, Disney And Bertelsmann Are Betting Big On YouTube Networks
Film & Television 4th Jan 2015
Hearst recently announced the acquisition of 25 percent of DreamWorks Animation’s YouTube network AwesomenessTV for a cool $81.25 million.
Call for Entries - 43rd International Emmy® Awards
The 43rd International Emmy® Awards competition is now open! The deadline to enter is February 18, 2015.