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11 Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2015
Advertising 11th Nov 2014
The fundamentals of marketing are always going to be the same, but with the landscape changing at the speed of technology, what matters most now is how one activates the fundamentals.
Journalism conference calls for papers [Worldwide]
Opportunities 11th Nov 2014
Journalists and scholars worldwide with original research on online journalism could be published in a journal.
Call for entries for La Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde 2015
Opportunities 10th Nov 2014
La Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde is a professional programme helping talented young directors from emerging countries increase their international exposure. Each year this programme invites ten directors working on their 1st or 2nd feature films to attend the Festival de Cannes.
Testing YouTube's 48p high frame rate format
Film & Television 10th Nov 2014
In the context of the revived debate of what is the proper frame rate for film (prompted by Peter Jacksons' use of a high frame rate format for his adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit), a group of Spanish filmmakers set out to test the 48p standard by producing a narrative short.
7 Things to Consider Before Launching Your Web Series
Media 10th Nov 2014

web series

Here are seven principles to consider before offering up your first video to the Internet Gods.
8 "Killer Free" Graphic Design Inbound Marketing Tools
Advertising 10th Nov 2014
Yes I said Killer Free, not killer, not free. Killer Free.
New UK TV Channel Looking to Acquire TV Shows
Finance & Funding 7th Nov 2014
We will be promoting The Channel as a platform which aims to inspire and a give a platform to young adults (aged 16-35).
The 48 Hour Film Project Nairobi Presents: An Evening of Short Films
Film & Television 7th Nov 2014
AROUND THE WORLD IN 48 HOURS The 48 hour Film Project Kick Off is two weeks away. As we build up to this year’s wild weekend of filmmaking, join us this Saturday the 8th of November 2014at The Nest for an evening of winning Short Films.
6 Tips For A Better Edit
Film & Television 7th Nov 2014
Film editing is an art therefore you can never fully master your skills.
6 Ways to Improve Twitter Engagement With Psychology Principles
Social Media 7th Nov 2014
Want to discover how to engage more users on Twitter? Have you considered using psychology techniques?