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The 48 Hour Film Project Nairobi Presents: An Evening of Short Films
Film & Television 7th Nov 2014
AROUND THE WORLD IN 48 HOURS The 48 hour Film Project Kick Off is two weeks away. As we build up to this year’s wild weekend of filmmaking, join us this Saturday the 8th of November 2014at The Nest for an evening of winning Short Films.
6 Tips For A Better Edit
Film & Television 7th Nov 2014
Film editing is an art therefore you can never fully master your skills.
6 Ways to Improve Twitter Engagement With Psychology Principles
Social Media 7th Nov 2014
Want to discover how to engage more users on Twitter? Have you considered using psychology techniques?
NFVF Quarterly Funding Submissions Call
Finance & Funding 6th Nov 2014
The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) is calling on the next quarterly submissions of applications for funding in the areas of training, marketing and distribution support, script development and production financing. Deadline date for applications is the 5th of December 2014.
Omnicom Advises Marketers to Move 10% to 25% of TV Ad Dollars To Online Video
Advertising 6th Nov 2014
As media consumption habits change, marketers are finding it increasingly challenging to figure out where to put their money – and in particular, how much money to spend on traditional media like TV versus online options.
Isizwe Wi-Fi to offer free video on demand
Media 6th Nov 2014
Four video-on-demand channels will be offered to Project Isizwe’s free Wi-Fi users in the greater Pretoria area to demonstrate what free Internet access can do for low-income communities.
Mauritius: Minister Choonee Launches White Paper On Arts and Culture
Other 6th Nov 2014
A White Paper Creative Mauritius – Vision 2025, outlining the cultural policy framework for the Arts and Culture sector of Mauritius, was launched today in Port-Louis.
Rising Stars Production Finance Fund
Finance & Funding 5th Nov 2014
Cape Town based premier film financing and production company, Light & Dark Films [LNDF], is proud to announce its RISING STARS investment facility.
2015 Hot Docs Forum Submission Guidelines Now Available
Finance & Funding 5th Nov 2014
The submission guidelines and FAQs are now available for the 2015 Hot Docs Forum. Regarded as the most effective international documentary market in North America
YouTube rolls out 60fps support
Film & Television 5th Nov 2014
Earlier this year YouTube announced a raft of new features, including crowd funding, crowd sourced subtitles and 60fps support, and the latter has now arrived. How does it look? Rather magnificent.