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6 Effects Final Cut Pro X Users Can Use in Their Daily Workflow
Post Production 24th Nov 2016

editing, post production, Final Cut Pro X

If you're a Final Cut Pro X user, chances are you use these effects constantly.
VSDC free editing software makes pro ediitng accesible
Post Production 16th Nov 2016

postproducion, VSDC, free editing software

Video editors must contain a wealth of editing tools in order to function, and this has resulted in the software costing tens if not hundreds of dollars. But the VSDC Free Video Editor belies the idea by providing a set of "light professional" video editing tools for free.
Final Cut Pro X Gets Full Redesign for 10.3
Post Production 2nd Nov 2016

editing, post production, Final Cut Pro X

While many users have moved over to Avid and Premiere, Final Cut keeps on developing.
10 Stages of Post-Production, from Data Storage to Deliverables
Post Production 19th Oct 2016


Editing can be a complex process, but this video and flowchart might help you get a better grasp on the whole thing.
5 Free Camera Overlays for Your Next Project
Post Production 18th Oct 2016

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, free camera overlays

Looking to create that in-camera look for a shot in your next project? Download these easy-to-use FREE camera overlays! Includes Video Camera, Video Chat, CCTV, Drone, and DSLR Viewfinder.
8K, the cloud, and the post production dilemma
Post Production 28th Sep 2016

postproducion, 8K

For a post production industry that suddenly has to manipulate and process images 70x what they were a scant couple of decades ago, the problems that the forthcoming massive leap in resolution about to engulf us brings are probably greater than most
EditShare set to release Flow Story remote editor
Post Production 8th Sep 2016

post production, editing, EditShare, Flow Story remote editor

Building on the legacy of the Lightworks NLE engine, Editshare’s new remote editor features proxy editing capabilities with secure access to media from anywhere in the world.
How an Editor Shapes and Strengthens an Actor’s Performance
Post Production 16th Aug 2016

post production, editing

Perhaps no one, not even the actor, is more responsible for how a performance takes shape than the editor.
Blackmagic's Fusion 8.2 coming to Linux in both free and paid versions
Post Production 4th Aug 2016
Blackmagic has announced that Fusion 8.2 has arrived for the Linux platform, following the same tiered pricing model as the company's other film creativity and productivity software.