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Want to Learn How to Write a Screenplay? This Slideshow Gives You a Great Crash Course
Screenwriting 15th Nov 2016

screenwriting, scriptwriting

Writing a screenplay is one of the most challenging areas of filmmaking you'll ever undertake, which is why it's always nice to have a resource to guide you as you make your way through the wilderness.
Why screenwriters and filmmakers need strategy and tactics
Screenwriting 9th Nov 2016

screenwriting, scriptwriting

If you want to have a career as a writer (and to keep it once you have it), you need to think about both the long term (which requires strategy) and short term (which requires tactics).
How screenwriters make money: 5 tried and tested ways
Screenwriting 8th Nov 2016

screenwriting, scriptwriting

Often screenwriters have the idea that they can win a lottery by selling their script to Hollywood. Do you actually think your chances of winning the lottery are anywhere near as good as selling your scipt to Hollywood?
How To Write The Perfect Antagonist
Screenwriting 26th Oct 2016

screenwriting, scriptwriting, protagonist

It seems like movie villains are a dying art. Most mainstream movies are more interested in spectacle and likable leads than giving us an antagonist we can fear, but they tend to forget a cardinal rule of storytelling: your hero is only as good as your villain.
7 Rules for writing short films
Screenwriting 25th Oct 2016

sceenwriting, scriptwriting, filmmaking tips, short films

Short films are an excellent way to develop your craft and flex your writing muscles and it is much less daunting than penning a first feature if you haven’t much writing experience.
How do you develop a story that's worth telling?
Screenwriting 24th Oct 2016

screenwriting, scriptwriting

All successful films (independent or otherwise) start with one thing: a great story that’s worth telling. You can learn the best filming techniques, which camera best suits your needs, and how to secure the right cast. But without a great story, you won’t have a great film.
Here's Why You Need to Stop Trying to Find a Great Agent
Screenwriting 21st Oct 2016

screenwriting, scriptwriting, agent, manager

Your screenwriting career doesn't start with an agent; it starts with a great script.
Free Scripts! Download 2017 Oscar Contenders ‘Hail, Caesar!’ and More (Running List)
Screenwriting 21st Oct 2016

screenwriting, scriptwriting, scipts

Indiewire have a new list full of screenplays that you can skim over, read how the writer envisioned the film, and then go see how the director interpreted it on the big screen.
Ditch the Whiteboard: Here's an Online Real-Time Story Mapping Tool for Your Screenplay
Screenwriting 20th Oct 2016

screenwriting, scriptwriting, HartChart app

Is your whiteboard too cluttered with rewritten story points? The HartChart app might be for you.