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YouTube Updates Its Guidelines For Advertiser-Friendly Content To Offer More Thorough Info To Creators
Social Media 6th Jun 2017

social media, YouTube

The recent tug-of-war between YouTube, its ad partners, and its creative community remains a hot topic of conversation in online video circles, and creators and their associates have urged YouTube to offer solutions for sitewide drops in ad revenue.
YouTube: Number Of Channels With 1 Million Subscribers Has Grown 75% Since Last Year
Social Media 11th May 2017

social media, YouTube

YouTube announced that there are now 75% more channels that have surpassed 1 million subscribers than there were last year
Twitch Broadening Monetization To “Tens Of Thousands” Of Creators With Affiliate Program
Social Media 26th Apr 2017

social media, Twitch

The company has announced the launch of its Affiliate Program, which will broaden monetization to “tens of thousands” of non-partnered channels.
How to Promote Your Film on Social Media Without Being Annoying
Social Media 26th Apr 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips

Here are some rules for how to make your audience into your film's best advocates with social media.
YouTube Announces Restricted Mode Updates In Response To Outcry From LGBT Creators
Social Media 25th Apr 2017

social media, YouTube

Last month, a significant number of creators within YouTube’s LGBT community complained that some of their videos were not appearing in Restricted Mode, the YouTube interface that screens out content that is violent, profane, sexually explicit, or otherwise intended for mature audience.
Promoting Your Film on Social Media
Social Media 25th Apr 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, distribution, social media

Raising awareness of your projects over social media doesn’t have to be a chore. Yes, it can be a lot of work, but if you have a clear game plan before you start, everything is going to have a much better chance of falling into place when you need it to.
CGP Grey Offers A Simple Explanation Of How YouTube Ads Work
Social Media 12th Apr 2017

social media, YouTube , ads

The man known as CGP has offered his take on CPMs. In his latest video, YouTube star CGP Grey dove into the concept of pre-roll ads on YouTube, and his explanation serves as a good introduction for anyone curious about monetizing his or her videos.
YouTube Will Require Channels To Have At Least 10,000 Views Before Allowing Them To Run Ads
Social Media 7th Apr 2017

social media, YouTube

In its quest to fight back against unlicensed re-uploads of popular videos, a process commonly referred to as “freebooting,” YouTube is imposing a limit within its partner program.
New Amazon Program Is “Exclusively Designed For Social Media Influencers With Large Followings”
Social Media 6th Apr 2017

social media, Amazon

mazon wants to corral high-profile content creators by offering them commissions on the goods they promote in their videos. The retailer has launched a beta version of its Amazon Influencer Program
YouTube Lets Its Community Translate Video Titles And Descriptions
Social Media 4th Apr 2017

social media, YouTube

YouTube has announced a new development that will make it easier for creators to appeal to an international audience.