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How Constructive Editing Techniques Can Save Money On Your Next Film
Post Production 14th Mar 2016
This video essay may change the way you edit your next film.
How to Edit - Part 3: The Edit Itself
Post Production 10th Mar 2016
Part three of RedShark's series on How to Edit gets to the heart of the matter and looks at how to approach the edit itself.
How to Edit - Part 2: Ingest & Assemble
Post Production 9th Mar 2016
Part two of RedShark's comprehensive guide to editing looks at bringing your material into the NLE.
A beginner's intro to colour correction
Post Production 9th Mar 2016
An invaluable video that helps explain everything to do with colour correction for those just starting out.
How To Edit. Part 1: Preparation
Post Production 4th Mar 2016
Here's another chance to read part one of RedSharks's major guide to editing from start to finish, containing all the practical stuff you need to know for a successful production.
How cheap can colour correction software get?
Post Production 4th Mar 2016
A new app from Utah’s Luma Touch promises some interestingly powerful vfx layering and colour correcting capabilities to iOS. The price? How does $4.99 strike you?
TV editing to become more remote in 2016
Post Production 26th Feb 2016
Remote editing and grading is set to make further inroads into broadcast post production in the year ahead, with many producers and post houses now considering it standard practice, certainly for shortform, graphics and idents work.
29 Free LUTs for Video
Post Production 24th Feb 2016
These FREE LUTs are perfect for professional video editors. Make your footage more cinematic with these free color grading tools.