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WGSA presents How Much Is My Script Worth? Cape Town
Screenwriting 19th Oct 2016


A look at contracts, law and the industry rates for screenwriters.
The WGSA presents SCRIPT FORMATTING in Pretoria
Screenwriting 14th Oct 2016

screenwriting, scriptwriting, screenwriting workshop, WGSA, Writers Guild of South Africa

If you are asking these questions, then you should attend this workshop. What does a professional script look like? ​What is the importance of formatting? Why can I not just write it in any format I like?
5 Traps to Avoid While Writing a Screenplay
Screenwriting 12th Oct 2016

screenwriting, scriptwriting

You’ve had a great idea for a movie, and maybe even started the screenplay so you’re off to a promising start.
Call for 2016 WGSA Muse Awards JUDGES
Screenwriting 11th Oct 2016

WGSA, Muse Awards

If you are a WRITER / DIRECTOR / PRODUCER / ACTOR with PRODUCED work or film / theatre CRITIQUE or a LECTURER in scriptwriting
Screenwriter’s Guide to Finding a Hollywood Manager or Agent
Screenwriting 30th Sep 2016

screenwriting, scriptwriting, agent, manager

The storyline: original. The structure: powerful. The characters: well-developed. The climax: mind-altering. The payoff: worth every single moment of the journey.
Screenwriters Beware! Copyright and Nondisclosure Agreements
Screenwriting 28th Sep 2016

screenwriting, scriptwriting, copyrighy

Strangely, many writers are resistant to protecting their work or they take shortcuts to save a few dollars. This is foolhardy. You must protect yourself as best you can. There are several types of protection available, and you must know which to choose.
10 Common elements of award winning screenplays
Screenwriting 21st Sep 2016

screenwriting, scriptwriting

There are some strikingly similar elements present in excellent screenplays such as Oscar and/or BIFA nominated scripts like The King's Speech and 2008's Slumdog Millionaire.
First Draft: A New Alternative to Three-Act Story Structure
Screenwriting 19th Sep 2016

screenwriting, scriptwriting

One common problem is when aspiring screenwriters cannot separate the creating process from the drafting process.
The 4 Keys to a Viable Screenplay
Screenwriting 13th Sep 2016

screenwriting, scripts, writing tips

Nothing about screenwriting is easy. You have to want it bad, and you have to come prepared for a fight. When you’re in the trenches and can’t see the forest from the trees…and every writer is there at one time or another…here are some essentials to keep in mind.