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3 little changes that will make a big difference in your online advertising
Advertising 17th Mar 2015
Here are a few small changes you can make to improve your online advertising and make your digital dollar stretch a little further:
3 metrics for social success: who’s doing it right in South Africa?
Advertising 16th Mar 2015
If you have them, you are content and they don’t really matter, if you don’t, it’s a major headache.
Facebook Introduces Topic Data
Advertising 16th Mar 2015

Facebook, Topic Data

Learn What Matters to Your Audience
Global Branded Entertainment On Rise, Scores $73B In Revs
Advertising 13th Mar 2015
Global branded entertainment -- which includes all consumer event sponsorship and TV/media/digital product placement -- rose 6.3% last year to $73.27 billion in revenues.
SA’s first-ever internet advertising revenue report released by IAB SA and PwC
Advertising 13th Mar 2015
The South African internet advertising market is growing at breakneck speed, with R 1.3 billion in total revenues reported in 2013.
Google, Beware: Facebook to Open Ad Exchange Powered by LiveRail
Advertising 10th Mar 2015
Social Network Is Stepping Its Fight to Rival Google's Ad-Tech Arsenal
Filmmaker and social media star Casey Neistat spills the secret behind successful branded content
Advertising 6th Mar 2015
Through eschewing the rules and taking an untraditional approach to creating branded films for industry giants including Nike and 20th Century Fox , self-taught filmmaker and YouTuber Casey Neistat’s online videos rack up views into the millions
Coca-Cola unveils major redesign as it shifts from brand-specific ads
Advertising 6th Mar 2015
Coca-Cola is embarking on a major shake-up of its marketing strategy that will see it bring all Coke variants under one master Coca-Cola brand as part of the "next chapter" of its evolution.
Five marketing lessons from Generation YouTube
Advertising 5th Mar 2015
Video has become a form of speech in its own right - and not just for teenagers, writes Nicola Kemp.
Is the future of TV ads programmatic or problematic?
Advertising 4th Mar 2015
Ad-buying technology is evolving fast and marketers must keep up if they are to make the most of the data-driven targeting opportunities it provides,