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5 Questions Filmmakers Should Ask Themselves When Establishing Their Brand
Film & Television 27th Jun 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, distribution, branding

Branding your production company, your media business, or even yourself can be a difficult road to navigate, but these tips should really help you get on the right track.
The Casting Director’s Checklist
Film & Television 27th Jun 2017

acting, acting tips, acting advice, casting director, casting

To keep you on the right track, here’s a useful checklist covering the process from start to finish.
Dan Mace becomes first South African to win three Young Director Awards at Cannes
Film & Television 26th Jun 2017

Egg Films, Dan Mace, Cannes Lions

Egg Films’ Dan Mace won his third Young Director Award in two years at Cannes Lions, a South African record.
Sunu wins Gold, two Silvers and Bronze at Cannes Lions
Film & Television 23rd Jun 2017

Egg Films, Sunu, Cannes Lions

Egg Films’ Sunu took home Gold, two Silvers and Bronze in the Entertainment, Entertainment for Music and Media categories at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the world’s most prestigious advertising awards.
Africa's First Animated Superhero Cartoon
Film & Television 21st Jun 2017

film in Kenya, Cheruscopic Productions,Machismo

The production house of Cheruscopic Productions Ltd. based in Nairobi, Kenya has produced it’s pilot episode of MACHISMO©, the first African animated superhero cartoon.
Triggerfish Animation wins three prizes on three continents in one weekend
Film & Television 21st Jun 2017

Triggerfish Animation, Revolting Rhymes

Revolting Rhymes scored a hat-trick this weekend: first winning Best Storytelling at Shanghai International Film and TV Festival in China, then Best Animation at the World Banff Media Festival in Canada, and finishing off with the Cristal for Best TV Production at Annecy in France,
Seven Deadly Sins Film Directors Make
Film & Television 20th Jun 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, directing tips, directing

The most glamorous job in the film industry is that of a film director. Everyone wants to direct. There are seven deadly sins film directors make (even the experienced ones). Avoid these and you stand an excellent chance of launching your career.
SA film sector creates 21 000 jobs, contributes R5.4bn to GDP
Film & Television 19th Jun 2017
South Africa's local film industry is becoming a serious economic player, having contributed R5.4bn to the gross domestic product (GDP) during the 2016/17 financial year.
Film & Television 19th Jun 2017
Capturing the reality of the health-care scramble in Kenya, the film, 18 HOURS follows a rookie paramedic who survives 18 hours in an ambulance for the life of a road accident casualty who is denied admission into hospital.
Showmax Originals to debut with new series featuring Julia Anastasopoulos, aka SuzelleDIY
Film & Television 15th Jun 2017

Showmax, Tali’s Wedding Diary, SuzelleDIY, Julia Anastasopoulos

Showmax has kicked off the first in a series of original productions with the filming of Tali’s Wedding Diary, a mockumentary featuring Julia Anastasopoulos.